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This is the place for Deep Space, Ambient Explorations, Improvisations, Experimental Musings.

A journey into the secret world of sound, space and time.



Harmonic Waves

Part of a series exploring Acoustic Guitar and Granular Synthesis. 
A meditation.   

Thanks to Robert Henke for his Granulator Instrument. 


Harmonic Phase

You can buy and download single tracks or the whole album.



Harmonic Pulse 

You can buy and download single tracks or the whole album. 




Suspended Heart Jewel

I'm happy to have my composition "Suspended Heart Jewel" included on the sprawling compilation, Harsh Noise Wall. Thanks to @James Shearman for curating this incredible collection. Immerse yourself �




Claire Boucher Is An Art Angel 

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Invoking the Muse

Invoking The Muse is an auditory escape presented in twelve volumes of improvised acoustic guitar meditations. 

Listen and Download!

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