If You Meet The Blues On The Road.....

Meeting you again

On this wooden floor

Years of dust under my feet

Provoking me



Teasing me to chase you down unknown paths

The blues and my body are an illusion of stability

I keep meeting you Blues…




Invoking The Muse is an auditory escape presented in twelve volumes of improvised acoustic guitar meditations.


The series began as a reaction to the current “American Primitive” guitar scene embodied by such artists as Glenn Jones, Daniel Bachman and…

Deep Listening

 Pauline Oliveros, Stewart Dempster and Panaiotis crawled into a cistern with their instruments to improvise together. The 40 second long reverberations produced by the cistern awakened their perception to the sound surrounding them. Being in the sound moment.

I've been…

Music From The Dream World

In the tradition of Zimbabwe's Shona one is fortunate if an ancestral spirit comes to you in dreams to teach you Mbira.

Dreaming-Waking-Being. Listen=Listen-Listen

Goin' Nowhere

What do you do when you feel like your goin' nowhere? Take a hike? Play scales - again? Make noise? Sit in silence? My right knee hurts - again. It gets swollen and is a general pain in the ass…

The Voice Of Autumn

The spin of the Earth has caused Autumn to arrive here. I live in an area rural enough to be surrounded by trees and a stream. Route 29 hums by my house. Turn left and I head into the sprawl…



Seasons, phases, weather. Peepers, bugs, birds. Day, night and the mysteries of the dream world. I'm consistently drawn to the resonance created by the rhythm, sonority and visions that surround us. 


Union of the Sun and Moon have an upcoming…

A Good Day At Inner Ear Studios

Randy got some free recording time at Inner Ear Studios recently.  The place is great, it has a comfy, hip, attuned to the musical world kind of atmosphere.  He’d recorded there before and evidently Don Zientara, the owner, found Randy…

Why I keep playing Bach

It’s funny.  I’ve been creating music that doesn’t change keys and has been deconstructed to the degree that the technical demands have often been reduced to one finger on my left hand and a repetitive pattern with three fingers on…

Are We In Tune? Tuning The Human Biofield

I just ordered a book by Eileen McKusick titled "Tuning The Human Biofield." As a musician I have been working with vibrations and energy fields for quite a long time. I still spend a lot of time intoning and tuning…

Black Cats

A black cat crossed my path.  Then it came onto my porch.  Now it meows at my window every night.  In the morning the food is always gone.  A small offering to the gods of sound and time.


The black…