Kissing CrowsKissing Crows
Words & Music By Randy Adams

 A meditation on life and the process of transformation.

 Hallucinatory Blues


"Kissing Crows." The vibe is heavy Electro Folk and Hallucinatory Blues. A meditation on the the process of transformation from life to life through every little death.

Ultimately a time of healing .


Kissing Crows  



Liberation Through Hearing or How This Music Found It's Way Through Listening To Chaos 

I was in a state of external and internal struggle. I was determined  to try and work through this struggle with sound. Turning to my Bugbrand Modular Synthesizer I began to record hours of noise, vague rhythmic patterns and sound colors. As I sat listening back to these recordings I intuitively picked up my guitar. The noise would seem to suggest the songs that would eventually make up this album. Here is a short clip of a few of the sounds that would eventually blossom into "Kissing Crows."


Redbud Noise Clips


Just Because It Don't Fit Doesn't Mean We Can't Wear It!  

Here is an outtake from the album. Didn't quite fit but fun none the less!

The droning bass was provided by my friend and co-conspirator in all things noisey Richard Quirk.

You can find some of his work here


Devil and the Monkey